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Taikyoko - means "First cause"

Taikyoko Shodan - 10 timing count

Taikyoko Nidan - 10 timing count

Taikyoko Sandan - 10 timing count

The Mandate for all three Taikyoko Kata is Structure.

Heian - means "Peaceful mind"

Heian Shodan - 10 timing count/Mandate is Structure

Heian Nidan - 10 timing count/Mandate is Rythm

Heian Sandan - 7 timing count/Mandate is Weight Transfer

Heian Yodan - 9 timing count/Mandate is Directional Change

Heian Godan - 5 timing count/Mandate is Control

Tekki Shodan - 8 timing count/Means "Iron Horse or Horse Riding"

Tekki Nidan - Means "Iron Horse or Horse Riding" #2

Tekki Sandan - "Iron Horse or Horse Riding" #3

Bassai Dai - Means "To Penetrate a Fortress" (Major)

Bassai Sho - Means "To Penetrate a Fortress" (Minor)

Jion - Means "Temple of Jion-Ji"

Jitte - Means "Ten Hands"

Ji'in - Means "Temple Ground"

Kanku-Dai - Means "To View the Sky" (Major)

Kanku-Sho - Means "To View the Sky" (Minor)

Hangetsu - Means "Half Moon"

Gankaku - Means "Crane on a Rock"

Empi - Means "Flying Swallow"

Nijushi-Ho - Means "24 Steps"

Meikyo - Means "Mirror or Reflection"

Sochin - Means "Rooted or Tranquil Force"

Chinte - Means "Incredible Hands"

Wankan - Means "Crown of a King or Emperor"

Unsu - Means "Defense of a Cloud"

Gojushiho - Means "54 Steps" (Major)

Gojushiho - Means "54 Steps" (Minor)

Kanshiwa - A combination of the first kanji in Kanbun's name, and the last two kanji of Shu Shiwa's. This is a Uechi-Ryu Kata that we have incorporated from our friend's in New Hampshire, USA.

We practice our Kata under 3 concepts.

1. Traditional or Regular

2. PK (Practical Kata)

3. Jiyu (Free Form)

PK Kata is a Defensive version. On the 1st move of each set of two, typically a block, you step back.

Jiyu Kata is a free form version. You lose the timing and structure of Regular Kata. You can perform the moves in any pattern as long as you have the correct leg and matching hand technique.

The PK & Jiyu Kata concepts were developed by Sensei Ron Fagan - Schichi Dan (7th Degree)of Metro Karate Training Centre.

Keep in mind it is more important to know a few Kata well than many Kata


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